PackagePad is the Smart Locker for Your Community

Every year as competition for tenants heats up, residents demand more. More amenities. More conveniences. More security. Package theft, often considered a petty crime by police, can give your residents the impression your community is unsafe. As online ordering reaches new highs, more and more packages are getting stolen as thieves realize package theft often goes unpunished.

Solve this problem in your community with PackagePad! PackagePad provides an easy to use solution that your residents and carriers alike will enjoy using. Besides providing a secure place for resident deliveries or dry cleaning, the lockers in many cases will satisfy signature requirements for more expensive packages. This can prevent additional delivery attempts, or worse, one of your residents having to visit the post office or distribution center to pick up their package. See all the advantages of PackagePad below!

Standard Features

Steel Contruction

Don't settle for particle board. Our locker doors are made out of thick 2mil painted steel, providing you years' of use.

Big Touchscreen

Our lockers are easy to use, and provide all user instruction on large touchscreens.

Sizes For Every Package

Our standard locker cabinets feature three sizes of compartments, designed to fit 90% of all packages delivered. We also offer an optional 'Overflow' locker for larger packages.

Quick Notifications

Residents get notified via email of new packages right after they are deposited, along with a secret code for accessing their package

Simple Pricing

No hidden fees! Residents are never charged any fees to use the service- the community pays one low monthly fee to operate the locker.

Rent Or Buy

You have the option to rent or buy a PackagePad, with easy up front purchasing options available from OwnerGo.

Easy Installation

All you need to power the ParcelPad locker is an electrical outlet and an Internet connection. Please read the installations requirements before purchasing.

Sized Right For You

Use our ordering tool to pick the perfect number of lockers for your community.

Professional Installation

Included in the price is delivery and setup of the product in your community mail area.

Intelligent Auditing

Residents can log into their OwnerGo account and view camera footage showing who retrieved all of their packages within the past 60 days. For packages that are retrieved from the Overflow bin, residents can see all persons who accessed that bin since their package was deposited.

Easy Registration

Managers do not have to keep updating the locker with owner information. Just ask your residents to register at and approve their registration.

Powered by OwnerGo

We offer the only Parcel Locker solution powered by OwnerGo- the community management tool that has more than 40 features. Don't need added features? Only enable the features you need.

Configure Your Locker

This tool will allow you to configure and price your PackagePad based on the number of residents you have in your community.

Compare Our Lockers

Want to know how our lockers compare to our competition? The locker configurations below have enough compartments to service a community of about 200 homes.

PackagePadPremium CompetitorBudget Competitor
Number Of Lockers




Overflow Bins



Purchase Option$19,980 + $180/moSTARTING AT
$27,250 + $180/mo
$24,500 + $80/mo
Rental Option$685/mo + Installation$1200/mo
Secure self-serve portal OwnerGo
Heavy Duty Steel 2 Mil Steel Doors
Camera Surveillance
Upfront Pricing, Order Online
Integrated Community Management Features OwnerGo 40+ features
No Resident Fees NONE Sometimes NONE
Comparision prices collected November 2017 from one sample community. Pricing subject to change. Prices quoted include shipping, installation, and sales tax. Pricing will vary on instalation location, size of cabinets, and other factors, and these prices may not reflect your costs.

Some of Your Questions

  • Do you offer different colors for PackagePad?
  • Why do you only offer one color for online orders?
  • Can I custom order a rental unit?
  • Can PackagePad be installed outdoors?
  • What are the installation requirements?
  • Do you offer a call box?
  • What happens if PackagePad looses connection to the Internet?
  • How soon can PackagePad be installed after it is ordered?
  • Is PackagePad ADA compliant?
  • What happens if a resident never retreives their package?
  • Will PackagePad receive software updates automatically?
  • Do you offer a smartphone app?
Yes, you may custom order a locker system from us by contacting our customer support team, however, we can not offer our bulk pricing on custom ordered units.
While our competitors hide their prices and utilize high pressure sales people to sell their products, we are able to offer lower prices by selling directly to the customer with simplified inventory. We offer fully featured, high quality machines, at the lowest possible price.
We only offer customized lockers for purchase.
No, PackagePad must be installed indoors or in a sheltered area not exposed to rain, wind, or excessive moisture. PackagePad may be installed in parking garages, breezeways, or other areas that are not climate controlled. You may special order an outdoor model from customer service staff.
  • Cabinets must be installed in enclosed area at least 15 feet from the outdoor area.
  • If installed in a parking garage, metal bollards must be installed to protect machine from automobile damage. (not included)
  • 120 volt grounded electrical outlet required, in close proximity to the location of the machine.
  • 1 wired (Ethernet/RJ45) Internet connection required (not included; must be within 750 feet of router or modem). WIFI is not supported.
  • Cabinets cannot block any fire escape egress route.
  • If located in hallway, at least 7 foot width required.
  • Floor must be able to support the weight of PackagePad. Each cabinet weights about 500 pounds.
  • Postal carriers must have access to PackagePad location.
OwnerGo can currently connect to some Internet enabled call box systems, however, we will be offering an easy to install call box solution that links directly up to OwnerGo. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.
PackagePad is designed to work even if the Internet goes down. PackagePad can accept new packages as well as let residents with a code extract their packages from the machine when the Internet is not working. Residents with packages deposited while the Internet is down will be notifed when the Internet connection is restored.
Once we receive payment for the machine, if we have inventory, we can get PackagePad to you and installed in about 30 days. If we are low on inventory, it can take up to 3 months to get PackagePad built, delivered, and installed. You can review your installation date by logging into your account and viewing the PackagePad section.
PackagePad is operable by residents, even if they cannot reach low or high compartments. A resident must select the accessable option in their profile, and PackagePad does the rest. PackagePad is currently not accessible to residents with vision impairments.
Management may configure how long a package can remain in PackagePad before the carrier is asked to return the package to the sender. Typically this is set to 3-5 days, however, some communities choose to not give any deadline to their residents.
Yes. Updates are automatically installed.
Currently we do not have a smartphone app available, however, we are currently developing an Apple and Android app which will give all the features of OwnerGo in one easy to use app. Currently, users can install an easy login icon on their homescreen by visiting on their smartphone.
PackagePad is a trademark of Shipplicity, LLC