PrimaParcel is the Smart Locker Solution for your Retail Environment

The OwnerGo team has used their expertise in the Residential environment to create a delivery solution for retail stores and businesses called PrimaParcel™. Using our API, businesses can deliver customer and order information to our systems using our JSON integration. We also allow seamless integration using 3D barcodes, where customer and order information is embedded in a 3D barcode on the package, which is scanned by retail workers or delivery personnel on the PackagePad machine. We take care of notifying the customer with an email or text message notification.

Don't have a way to integrate with our system? We offer a registration tool which your customers can access via a mobile QR code or web URL, which allows your customers the ability to register with us. Once they are registered, the delivery personnel can find the customer by simply entering the customer phone number on the PackagePad touchscreen.

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We are currently only able to provide solutions for the continential United States

Standard Features

Steel Construction

Don't settle for particle board. Our indoor locker doors are fire rated and made out of thick 2mil galvanized steel, providing you years' of use.

Big Touchscreen

Our lockers are easy to use, and provide all user instruction on large touchscreens.

Sizes For Every Package

Our standard locker cabinets feature three sizes of compartments, designed to fit 85% of all packages delivered. We also offer an optional 'Overflow' locker for larger packages.

Quick Notifications

Residents get notified via email of new packages right after they are deposited, along with a secret code for accessing their package

Simple Pricing

No hidden fees! The business pays one low monthly fee to operate the locker.

Rent Or Buy

You have the option to rent or buy a PackagePad, contact us for all financing details.

Easy Installation

All you need to power the PackagePad locker is an electrical outlet and an Internet connection. Please read the installations requirements in the 'Questions' section below before purchasing.

Sized Right For You

We offer a variety of capacities to custom suite the order volume of your business. Expand a locker at a later date with our modular design.

Professional Installation

Included in the price is delivery and setup of the locker in your retail store.

Intelligent Auditing

Your employees can log into their PrimaParcel account and view camera footage showing who retrieved all of their packages within the past 60 days. For packages that are retrieved from the Overflow bin, employees can see all persons who accessed that bin since their package was deposited.

Easy Registration

We offer a variety of ways to load customer information into our systems. Ask about our manual registration, 3D barcode, and API options.

Powered by OwnerGo

We have been providing locker solutions since the beginning of 2018, and will apply that expertise to your locker solution

Financing Available

Contact Us for information to see if your business qualifies for flexible financing options.

Custom Solutions

Ask us about our custom package solutions, to find out if we can suite your business needs

Self Operating

Our lockers are designed so that carriers or employees deposit the packages, and customers retrieve the packages- so your staff can concentrate on other things

Find Out More

Call us today to see how PrimaParcel can streamline order delivery with your business.

Sales +1 (646) 688-5884 option 1

We are currently only able to provide solutions for the continential United States

PackagePad features a large touchscreen, a 3D barcode reader for easy package retrieval by customers, and a keypad

The PackagePad optional oversize bin can fit many odd shaped packages

Each compartment is lit with LED lighting for customers to easily see their packages in any lighting situation

The outdoor PackagePad be installed on a variety of flat cement surfaces.