Some of Your Questions

  • Will any personal information entered in the site be used by anyone other than the HOA?
  • How long does it take to setup OwnerGo to use with a community?
  • What are the advantages to using the OwnerGo access control and call box features?
  • How are the call box entries synchronized with the call box?
  • When will I be billed?
  • Can hardship leases be handled with OwnerGo?
  • What should I do about homeowners who claim they didn't get notification emails?
  • Can tenants register for access to the OwnerGo website?
  • Will tenants get mass email blasts?
  • Can homeowners register roommates with OwnerGo?
  • What is the minimum and maximum term allowable for leases?
  • I've uploaded the unit information spreadsheets in the Administrative Settings section of the site and reviewed all the settings. When will the website 'go live' and all owners get emails with their passwords?
  • We use our own accounting system and work order system. Can I disable this functionality in OwnerGo?
  • Can I rebrand OwnerGo with my company's property management logo?
  • I have more questions. What other resources do I have?
Personal information is only accessible by your HOA and OwnerGo support staff. OwnerGo will never sell or give personal information to any third party, and will only use your information for the purpose of supporting the HOA with any issues that may occur with the account. Your information will never be transferred outside the secure server except for the purpose of backing up your HOA data for disaster recovery purposes. Personal Information will never be used for marketing purposes.
You can setup OwnerGo a few different ways, however, the easiest way to setup OwnerGo is to upload a spreadsheet with all your unit and homeowner information. Basic knowledge of a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel is useful, and can help format the spreadsheets in the format which OwnerGo requires for upload. You may also manually enter each unit separately, however, this will be time consuming for large communities (over 50 homes). You may also hire OwnerGo to assemble and upload your information for an additional fee.
For the access control system, homeowners will be able to view their access card numbers online and let you know if one of their cards is missing as well as assign individual cards to other occupants, such as tenants and roommates. Security level information is viewable on the Member Audit Page and any owners on amenity restriction can have their security level changed (to limit their access to the amenities) right from the website.

For the call box, homeowners will be able to set their call box phone number for them, their roommates and tenants right from the website. When a lease expires, the call box entries for the tenant are automatically removed. You can limit call box phone numbers to local telephone numbers, or allow any U.S. long distance phone number.

There are three ways to do this.

1) You can tell homeowners that the call box will be updated by the property manager at a set schedule, e.g. Every Monday or the first day of the month. You would then download the call box data file from your dashboard screen, and then manually upload the file to the property call box(es).

2) The OwnerGo staff can setup an automated update which will synchronize all Internet connected call boxes on a set schedule, e.g. 7AM and 7PM. Setup fees are required to set this up. Contact our support group using the contact support form for more details.

3) Your IT staff can setup an automated download of the file from the OwnerGo website, then create a script execute the call box update software at your office. If you manage multiple OwnerGo communities, all communities with the same call box manufacturer (e.g. Door King) will be downloaded in the same file, so only one update needs to occur for multiple communities. Contact our support group using the contact support form for more details.

You may not be billed right away if you have not accrued enough charges on your account. Please see our Rates page for more information about our rates. All your billing information can be seen on the Community Bill page. Please contact our support group using the contact support form if you have any issues with your bill.
Yes. You should require homeowners to submit hardship requests through the OwnerGo portal. Not only will you be able to keep track of their tenant, but there will be an auditable history of their hardship.
OwnerGo is not responsible for missing or SPAM filtered emails. Since OwnerGo does not control the recipients email system, it is impossible to guarantee every email will be delivered. It would be beneficial to add a statement to your rules and regulations that indicate that the Association nor OwnerGo are responsible for missing or undelivered emails, and the homeowner is solely responsible for checking the website for their leasing status and keeping track of their deadlines. With that said, the website adds notes to the homeowner 'events' section that indicate when notifications are sent out, and which email address is used.
Yes. Tenants will be able to register and see all leases for their landlord's unit, as well as have access to the community forum and community calendar. They must register with the email address entered on their lease. They don't have to register. They will not have access to view other owners' information or look at the leasing lists. Additionally, tenant registrations are not sent for property manager approval since the homeowner specified their email address on the lease.
Only if you specify them as recipients on the mass email composition page (communications).
Yes. They will have a 'roommate' button in their profile, however, there is no implement for them to upload a roommate agreement.
You can set the minimum and maximum allowed leases on the 'Settings' tab of the Administrative Settings.
To 'turn on' the website, visit the Administrative Settings and select the 'Settings' tab. Check the box 'Turn on 7AM processing of leasing list' to turn on the site. Click the 'Next' button at the bottom to save that page. All homeowners who have an email address in their profile will be emailed their username and temporary password at 7AM the next day. All owners who do not have an email address will not be contacted, however, they can visit and visit the registration link to gain access to the site.
Yes. For the work order tool or accounts tool, you can direct homeowners to another website and disable this functionality inside OwnerGo.
Yes. We can replace the OwnerGo logo with your company's logo for an additional fee per community. Contact OwnerGo sales using the form below for more details.
There are complete question and answer sections located inside your OwnerGo account. There are specific sections for both homeowners and managers, plus some videos showing basic usage of the site. If you subscribe to our support services, you may use the support contact form to get help from our support staff.
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