Successful Callbox Solutions

Partner with OwnerGo to provide your customers a state-of-the-art callbox soltion at a reasonable price. Our callbox can be installed in minutes if you are replacing an existing callbox, with the only requirements being high speed Internet, a 12 volt DC power feed, and a relay-controlled door locking mechanism. Since residents use the OwnerGo app for Android and iPhone to answer calls and open doors, no other equipment is needed.

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Standard Features

Solid Construction

Our optional aluminum mount will securely attach the callbox to the outside of your building

Interactive Touchscreen

Our intuitive touchscreen offers an easy to use, immersive experience for Visitors.

Customized For Your Building

Your property manager can easily log into their account and update the buttons, photos, and information sections

Resident Onboarding

Onboarding residents is easy- just ask them to register using the OwnerGo app for iPhone or Android, and the property manager approves the registration. Residents who have moved out are automatically removed.

Simple Pricing

No hidden fees! Residents do not pay any fees to use the intercom. Communities are billed one low monthly rate.

Built-in Surveillance

Each callbox stores many months worth of motion triggered images of people walking past and using the callbox, plus door access events

Realtime Monitoring

From our cloud based access control panel, employees can view real time events with images as they occur for all your callboxes

Dynamic Schedules

Each customized component on the touchscreen can be scheduled to show at different times of day and days of the week

No Phone Line

Our callboxes use the Internet to contact your residents. Use your existing Ethernet, WIFI, or optional external 4G cellular connection

Easy Install

Our surface mount model can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, with power supplied by included 12V/2A AC adapter.

Access Cards

Our access card module supports a variety of 13.56Mhz cards (ISO14443 Type A/B, ISO18092 compliant)

External Access System Compatible

Plug your existing Weigand compatible card reader into Buzzbud to allow external card reads to correlate with camera footage

IP66 Waterproof

Our callbox is designed for nearly all environments

Package Management

Package Carriers can enter each resident's package in the callbox before placing packages inside to notify residents

PIN Access

There are several options to allow residents and visitors to access the building using a PIN, including revolving monthly PINS, static PINS, and temporary PINS which residents can generate for visitors

Community Messaging

While the callbox is not being used, current events, notifications, pictures and other alerts can be shown in a slideshow 'slider' screen

Remote Management

All configuration of the callbox is done on the OwnerGo website, so it is easy and secure to configure the callbox

Highly Configurable

Our software is designed to work with multiple callboxes in a community, allowing you to designate units and residents in separate buildings and 'security levels'

Great Value

Our Buzzbud callboxes provide the ease of use of a cloud based solution at a great price. Buzzbud is available for purchase through your local access control installer.

BuzzBud 8 Inch


  • All Standard Features
  • 8 inch touchscreen
  • Ethernet and WIFI
  • light-duty wall mount included
  • Integrated 13.56Mhz Card Reader
Rugged Mount


  • External Rugged Mount
  • Made of Alunimum
  • Mounts to variety of surfaces
  • Wiring must go into wall behind mount
  • Callbox Sold Separately
Flush Mount


  • For walls with minimum 6" x 10" opening
  • Custom plate size up to 15" x 15" in size
  • Engraved Letting Available
  • Stainless Steel 3Mil Plate
  • Callbox Sold Separately
Pedestal Mount


  • 8 inch Buzzbud callbox
  • Fits in horizontal hole 1 ¼ " in diameter
  • Hole can be up to ½ inch thick with wiring attaching in cavity below hole
  • Stainless Steel 3Mil Plate
  • Pedestal Not Included