Sending Surveys To Your Residents

Looking to get feedback from your community?  Use the survey feature to send surveys to various groups of people in your community. This is useful for letting community members vote on a specific topic, let members schedule a time slot for inspections, or just get general feedback.  You can choose between a variety of multiple choice formats as well as a number picker (allows resident to select a number between 1-100), in addition to a free form text field, which allows the person to enter anything they want.  Please watch this video to learn how to use this feature.  

Note: When this video was created, the 'free form' text option was not available, so it is not seen or mentioned on the video.

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Posted by Kyle Montgomery

Kyle is the founder of OwnerGo and writes regularly to help homeowners, managers, and board members streamline their community operations. He has 15 years' experience working in the data processing sector, working with hundreds of companies to help automate financial, human resources, and material management data. He has spent 6 years as a board member of his home owners' association, which had an annual budget of over $800,000. He currently lives in New York City.