Review Manager Features Of OwnerGo / Community Setup

Looking to get an overview of our most popular features in OwnerGo, all in one place?  The following two videos should help Property Managers and Board Members learn how OwnerGo can be used to help manage your community.  The first video shows an overview of all the features, and the second video shows the steps necessary to get OwnerGo setup and running with your community.  Enjoy!

Management Overview of Features

Watch this 10 minute video, which shows you step by step how to access the features which will help you run your community.  This video will help you get the most out of OwnerGo.  The video also briefly goes over how a community can be setup in OwnerGo.  

OwnerGo Community Setup

This video goes more in depth of how a community should be setup in OwnerGo, so all owners can register and get the most use out of the site.  It gives you a hands on example of how to prepare and upload the spreadsheets with homeowner information, setup the community information pages, plus turn on the site for homeowner use.  Please note that this video was produced before June 2017, when was changed to

We Are Proud To Announce That Primalease, The Innovative Web Platform For Your Community, Is Now OwnerGo!Sending Surveys To Your Residents
Posted by Kyle Montgomery

Kyle is the founder of OwnerGo and writes regularly to help homeowners, managers, and board members streamline their community operations. He has 15 years' experience working in the data processing sector, working with hundreds of companies to help automate financial, human resources, and material management data. He has spent 6 years as a board member of his home owners' association, which had an annual budget of over $800,000. He currently lives in New York City.