Helping You Do More

OwnerGo is the value leader among property management website solutions. Check out all the features designed to keep your association or management company responsive to residents and giving the board or managers the tools they need at their fingertips to make their job easier.

Video Tour

Experience some of the features of the site as the property manager and board would use them through this video.

Management Pages

These pages are only available to property managers and board members to help them better manage the community. Some of the pages, such as the work order screens, have limited functionality for residents.

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Resident Pages

These pages are designed to give residents or homeowners a detailed view of what is going on in their community. As a manager, you can fully configure each of these pages for your community.

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Other Features

  • Resident Payments. Allow residents to make payments on the property manager's website or an integrated third party payment provider*.
  • Bicycle Registration. Associate numbered bicycle stickers with owners and tenants.
  • Automated Call Box and Access Card Integration. Allow owners to setup their own call box phone numbers and automatically sync with the call box equipment*. Additional charges may apply for automation setup and service.
  • Rental Tool. Keep track of rentals such as parking spots and storage units, where owners pay a monthly fee to use the HOA property. A monthly report is sent outlining who is renting each resource and how much they should be billed.
  • Contractor Recommendations Forum. Setup specific forums for resident discussions such as contractor recommendations.
  • Amenity Reservation System. Allow residents to reserve multiple amenities, such as community rooms and tennis courts. Instructions, deposit, and fees are customizable per amenity by the board or property manager.
  • Access Card Gap Analysis. Looking to order new access cards? This chart shows all the number ranges you currently have installed so you can ensure you don't order duplicate card numbers.
  • Report Generator. Download a number of different reports, from user information, to the tow log, in spreadsheet format.
  • Monthly Call Box Access Code. If your call box is synchronized with OwnerGo, you can setup an automatic email to all residents letting them know the new randomly generated monthly call box access code. The code is then automatically updated on the callbox.
  • Advanced Search. Search owners and tenants by name, email, unit, parking spot, storage unit, access card, or bicycle number.
  • Anonymous Tip Submission. There is a special form allowing users to submit anonymous tips to the HOA.
  • Lease List Swapping. If you have this feature turned on, owners in certain circumstances may 'swap positions' on the leasing list with other owners in another position.
  • Hardship Leasing. Owners may apply for a hardship leasing request from the website. The board or property manager must approve the request for the owner to be granted hardship status on the website.
  • Illegal leasing Notification. If you have this feature turned on, owners on the 'illegal leasing list' are sent a violation notice and fine each month they are on the list.
  • Easy Community Setup. Setting up your community is as easy as filling out our spreadsheet templates, then uploading them into the website in CSV format.
  • Custom Logo. You can upload your community logo (or management company logo) to the site so it will appear at the top of every page.
*additional fees may apply for third party service