We Are Proud To Announce That Primalease, The Innovative Web Platform For Your Community, Is Now OwnerGo!

While Primalease started as a lease management tool for private communities, the addition of all the great features over the past

3 years has necessitated a name change to avoid confusion with homeowners and the property management community.  We wanted a new name to better describe our devotion to homeowners in providing the services and platform that HOAs and Co-Ops rely on to manage their communities.

OwnerGo will continue to offer a free community Internet portal, with the same great features you have come to expect from Primalease.  Additionally, your links to Primalease.com and Primalease email addresses will continue to work as they always have, to aid in the transition with your residents.  


'Primalease' and the Primalease logo will now be used for our exclusive HOA lease list tool within OwnerGo, which many of our communities have referenced in their rules and regulations.  This means that 'Primalease' will now refer specifically to the lease handling tool, and will no longer encapsulate all the additional features we are offering your community.  

To help our property management customers who have rebranded our product for their business, we will be introducing a new domain name, https://residentialdashboard.com as the new secure URL for the OwnerGo portal.  For now, the Primalease.com will be used, and we will make an announcement when the new domain is ready for use, around the first quarter of 2018. 

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Posted by Kyle Montgomery

Kyle is the founder of OwnerGo and writes regularly to help homeowners, managers, and board members streamline their community operations. He has 15 years' experience working in the data processing sector, working with hundreds of companies to help automate financial, human resources, and material management data. He has spent 6 years as a board member of his home owners' association, which had an annual budget of over $800,000. He currently lives in New York City.