New Year, New Server!

We are happy to announce that our migration to our new server and new hosting provider is complete.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend in late November 2017, we had moved the OwnerGo servers to a new dedicated server with a new data center provider, located in Dallas, Texas (pictured above).  This new provider guarantees 99.5% up-time, and performs nightly backups of your data.  The disaster recovery site is located in Seattle, Washington.

There are several changes involved with our migration to this new server.  When you log into the OwnerGo portal, you will see our new domain name in your browser bar instead of our old domain name.  We are also sending automated emails from instead of our old address.  This domain name change allows us to re-brand the OwnerGo portal for communities and property management firms wanting to brand it as their own portal.

We have also made some changes to our email server.  To provide more security for our entire environment, we have removed access for POP3 and IMAP clients for communities who have custom email addresses through us.  All email access is provided through our new email portal, which is available at  

We hope you have enjoyed the changes we have made to OwnerGo, and wish you and your communities a healthy and prosperous 2018!

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Posted by Kyle Montgomery

Kyle is the founder of OwnerGo and writes regularly to help homeowners, managers, and board members streamline their community operations. He has 15 years' experience working in the data processing sector, working with hundreds of companies to help automate financial, human resources, and material management data. He has spent 6 years as a board member of his home owners' association, which had an annual budget of over $800,000. He currently lives in New York City.