Installation Instructions

Welcome to the installer resources page. The following guide illustrates how to install a BuzzBud Cloud Callbox, which is designed to use in a residential setting. The OwnerGo website can be used in both apartment rental and condo community settings. This callbox is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

OwnerGo BuzzBud 8 inch
Installation Requirements

Tools Needed
Contents of Box
Screw Specifications
Installation Video
Choosing the right installation location

For many buildings, especially in situations where you are replacing an existing callbox, it will likely make sense to install the Buzzbud in the same location as the old callbox, in order to utilize existing wiring or mounting surfaces. In situations where you can choose a location for the callbox, please consider the following:

Getting Started

Select Your Mount

Low Profile   Rugged   Flush   Pedestal   PedestalPro Housing  

The Low Profile mount is the standard mount included with every BuzzBud callbox. This mount should be used in indoor installations or outdoor locations with low humidity. Use the buttons above to select another option if you purchased an alternate mount for the callbox.


Use the included security wrench to remove the mounting bracket from the back of the callbox. It is attached with two screws on either side. (M3-0.5 5mm screws)


It is recommended to use at least 4 screws to attach the mounting bracket in the appropriate location to the wall. Be sure to install bracket with correct side facing wall (larger circular holes facing you).


Cut off the wires from the callbox labeled RS232 AND RS485. This wiring is not used in Residential applications, and removing this wiring will reduce the amount of wires you must stuff in the wall.

If you are not connecting a Wiegand reader to the callbox, cut off the exposed tips of the wires labeled 'WG' to prevent false signals being sent to callbox if the exposed wire is grounded inside wall. Do not cut off entire wire as you may want to add a reader in the future to this callbox.


Connect Ethernet wiring using the wiring diagram below.

Ethernet CAT 5 wiring to Callbox LAN connection

You must use a twisted pair Ethernet Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable, which cannot be longer than 300 feet between the callbox and the Ethernet router or Ethernet switch. If the router is over 300 feet away (by cable length), use an Ethernet switch or Ethernet repeater to break up the distance, so the callbox is not more than 300 feet away from a piece of powered network equipment.

Callbox LAN WirePINT568B RJ45 Ethernet Cable
Orange/White TX+ 1 Orange/White
Orange TX- 2 Orange
Green/White RX+ 3 Green/White
- 4 Blue
- 5 Blue/White
Green RX- 6 Green
- 7 Brown/White
- 8 Brown


Connect the door relay to your gate or door using one of the following wiring guides (available at The wiring will be different depending on the maglock or door strike you use with your gate or door.

Relay And Door Reader Wiring Guides
The following guides show how to wire various components to the callbox


Power on the callbox by connecting the power source. The callbox requires a dedicated 12V/2A power source. Power transformer must be installed indoors or in weather safe box. 

You may purchase 2.1mm x 5.5mm Female DC Connector pigtails if you wish to extend the length of the DC power line. Use the appropriate wire below, depending on how long you are running the DC current between the transformer and callbox:


Seal any holes or cracks in the wall as appropriate with caulk or foam to prevent water intrusion.


Attach the callbox to the wall by sliding the back of the callbox down onto the mounting bracket.


Secure the callbox with the two security screws on the side of the mounting bracket.


Once the callbox is powered on, finish the setup by setting up the software:

Installing Callbox Software

Follow these instructions if the OwnerGo callbox software has not already been installed in your callbox

  1. Slide your finger from the bottom upwards on the Android home screen. Open the 'Settings' app. You may watch the Callbox Software Installation video at for more visual instruction on these steps.
  2. If you want to connect the tablet to the Internet with Wifi, select the 'Wifi' option at the top. Tap the selector at the top to 'turn on' Wifi if it is off. You should then see the available networks. Select the network you want to connect to, and enter the WIFI password. It should remember this network once you type it in.
  3. Use the back button to return to the home screen.
  4. Select the Google Chrome icon at the bottom right.
  5. Enter the address
  6. Click the link 'Install OwnerGo Callbox App'
  7. Tap 'Continue' and then 'Allow'. Select 'OK' then 'Open'.
  8. Tap the 'Install' button.
  9. Tap 'Open'.
  10. It will prompt you to pick the home app. Select 'OwnerGoCallbox' and then 'Always'.

It is recommended restarting the callbox after you finish configuring it to ensure the callbox automatically runs the OwnerGo Callbox app upon restarting. The Callbox will automatically restart each morning around 3:30AM.

Setting Up Callbox App For Community

Follow these instructions to configure the Callbox App to point to a community on OwnerGo

  1. The screen should prompt you to enter a code. If you do not see a code entering screen, tap the upper left hand corner to show the command screen
  2. Enter the code 'BUZZSETUP' then 'Open'.
  3. It may ask you whether to enable location services. Select YES
  4. From the Setup menu, select 'Change OwnerGo Callbox'.
  5. The screen will ask you whether the community is already setup in OwnerGo. If you are not sure, select 'Yes'.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up the callbox.
Other Helpful Functions

You can enter these codes from the command screen by tapping the upper left-hand corner of the home screen on the callbox

  • BUZZWIFI Use this code to change WIFI settings. Turn off WIFI on the screen if you do not intend to use WIFI with this callbox
  • BUZZNETWORK Allows you to adjust set a static IP address, or setup a VPN network. OwnerGo does not provide support on advanced networking topics.
  • BUZZSOUND Adjust volume
  • UPGRADE Manually upgrade software to latest version, if a new software version is available. The callbox will automatically update itself just after midnight every day.
  • REFRESH Go to the OwnerGo server and retreive the latest community settings. There might be a delay when setting changes on OwnerGo reflect on your callbox, so entering this command will ensure the latest settings are reflected on your callbox.
  • BUZZDEBUG Enter this code to switch on and off the DEBUG mode, which will display more information about card reads on the touchscreen. This should be OFF when residents use the callbox.
  • BUZZDISPLAY Show display settings, which allow you to adjust the brightness settings. By default the screen brightness adjusts automatically depending on lighting conditions.
  • BUZZWIEGAND Monitor inbound wiegand signal if you have a wiegand compatible reader connected to the callbox. Connecting a reader allows the callbox to control card reads, or associate access card numbers with camera footage.
  • RELAYSCAN Scan network for remote relays (Read More Here)
  • RELAY1, RELAY2, RELAY3 Access the config screen for up to 3 detected remote relays (must run RELAYSCAN first to detect relays)

Please contact support if you have other configuration questions regarding the callbox.

Once the callbox is connected to OwnerGo, the rest of the setup process may be finished by the property manager from the OwnerGo Portal.